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Over the past six years, Will Banks has been developing a unique and powerful banking model, able to support banks and building societies operationally and strategically. Utilised in a number of high profile banking institutions, this excel based tool covers a flexible nine year modelling range, reporting annual and monthly results. 


The Challenger Banking Model (CBM) can be employed to support proposed banks, existing banks and building societies.


Some examples of how CBM can be utilised:


  • Pre-assessment:  Creation of the financials for the diluted Regulatory Business Plan (RBP).


  • Pre-application:  Creation of the financials for the RBP and investor presentations, to the construction of the ILAAP and ICAAP.


  • Mobilisation:  Cost control, including headcount costs and divisional P&L assignment to the automated rerunning of financial updates, including deposit solving requirements via the Deposit Solver Tool.


  • Post-launch:  Forecasting and strategic financial impacts (introduction of new products and launch (Operational) sequences) to operational liquidity and capital management, divisional P&Ls, including transfer pricing and automated optimal funding gap solutions.


  • Growth (Strategic):  Behaviouralisation modelling, scenario and stress/ reverse stress testing analysis to IPO            valuation, balance sheet and P&L impacts and growth analysis.


Prospectus:    Please ask if you wish to receive a short prospectus

                         which outlines the tool further.


Demo:             Will would also be happy to demo this new and

                         advanced tool. 


The model is excel based and there is a one off low fee, to keep it simple and cost effective. The tool is already utilised by a number of banks. 




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